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Guaranteed Original Content:

Online Books Writer is dedicated to delivering content that is not only original but also free from plagiarism. To substantiate the authenticity of our work, we willingly provide a detailed plagiarism report upon request.

The commitment to originality extends across all our offerings, ensuring that the content you receive is unique and exclusive to your requirements.

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Refund Policy:
Full Refund:

Full refunds are available in specific situations. If work has commenced and you need to cease or request a refund, please engage with our support team to discuss the current status and explore available options.

A comprehensive assessment will be made to determine eligibility for a full refund.

Free Revisions:

Post-delivery, you are entitled to three complimentary revisions. Reach out to our support team to initiate discussions on necessary revisions based on your feedback.

Our commitment to your satisfaction includes addressing any reasonable revisions to meet your expectations.

50% Refund:

If, after all revisions, you remain dissatisfied with the quality, a 50% refund may be requested. Verification of claimed quality concerns is necessary for refund processing.

This partial refund option is designed to ensure fairness and accountability in our commitment to delivering high-quality content.

Full Refund (Special Cases):

In exceptional cases where quality concerns persist even after revisions, a full refund may be requested.

Your case will be referred to an evaluation committee, and full refunds will be granted for demonstrably subpar work.

Change of Mind:

Online Books Writer does not entertain refunds for a change of mind. We encourage users to thoroughly consider their needs before initiating an order to ensure satisfaction.

Legal Disclaimer:
Consultation with Legal Professionals:

This document is not intended to constitute legal advice. To ensure that these terms align with your specific needs, it is recommended to consult with a legal professional.

Online Books Writer disclaims any responsibility for legal implications that may arise from the interpretation or application of these terms without professional legal consultation.


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All writing, editing, and publishing services are available through your one-stop-shop.

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